Vaporesso EUC Replacement Coil

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Vaporesso EUC Replacement Coil

Although this coil has traditional in it's name, there is nothing traditional with how you change these coils. Rather than screwing into the Vaporesso Tarot Nano Veco Tank, the coil simply press fits inside and you are done!

  • Superior e-liquid taste
  • Little to no break in time
  • Creates bigger clouds than standard coils
  • Revolutionary new quick and simple replacement system
  • Greener for the environment as less waste

0.3 EUC Ceramic Coil

  • 0.3 ohm SS316L Ceramic
  • Rated for use between 35 to 40 Watts

0.4 ohm Traditional EUC Clapton Coil

  • 0.4 ohm Clapton Traditional
  • Rated for use between 40 to 50 Watts

0.6 ohm Mesh EUC Coil

  • 0.6 ohm Mesh 
  • Rated for use between 16 to 22 Watts

1.0 ohm Ccell EUC Coil

  • 1.0 ohm Ccell
  • Rated for use between 10 to 13 Watts

Price is per coil.

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