Worlds Best Jelly Beans E-Liquid

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Worlds Best Jelly Beans E-Liquid by Premium Labs

Available in 30ml Child Proof Glass Dropper Bottles.

Nic Strength: 3mg

Flavour Profiles:

Grape Jelly Bean - A Chewy Grape Jelly Bean, A Delicacy Among Grape Candy

Orange Jelly Bean - Juicy Oranges Surrounded With Handfuls Of Jelly & Candy, For A Refreshing Experience

Peach Jelly Bean - The Juicy Flavour Of Hand Picked Peaches Blended Into The Hallmark Of All Candy

Pineapple Jelly Bean - The Legendary Rich Tone Of Pineapple Infused Into A Smooth White Jelly Bean

Red Apple Jelly Bean - Orchard Fresh Apples, Blended Into A Savory Bottle Of Jelly Bean Goodness

Watermelon Jelly Bean - A Refreshing Taste Of Watermelon Mixed In A Sophisticated Candy Flavor

PG 25% / VG 75%